Nam Tok {Waterfall}

This is my kids' favorite Thai meal. They beg for it. It's the only way I will eat steak :) I so wish I had a picture....we ate this last night, but my camera is being faulty. I tried to find a pic on the web, but none of them did justice to the dish! So, use your imagination & I'll post a pic next time we make it!

Nam Tok
we double this recipe for our family of 5

1 10 oz. NY strip steak
2 TB. Ground roasted rice*
3 TB. Lemon juice
3 TB. Fish sauce
1 tsp. Nam Prik Poaw (red chili paste)
1-2 Thai chili peppers, minced
1/4cup Red onion, finely chopped
1/8 cup Green onion, finely chopped
Napa cabbage
Thai sticky rice**

1. Grill steak to your liking; do not overcook!
2. Slice steak into thin (1/8”) pieces.
3. Place all ingredients except cabbage and sticky rice in large mixing bowl; toss well.
4. Serve with sticky rice and cabbage leaves.

* Place uncooked sticky rice in a dry wok or skillet and heat over moderate heat until deep golden brown, stirring frequently to keep from burning and to allow it to develop a uniform color. Watch the rice carefully after it begins to change color and stir constantly because it can burn easily at this stage. When it is a uniform deep golden color, remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature. Grind it to a fine powder in a blender or a spice grinder. This can be made in advance and kept in quantity so that there is always a supply on hand, but it is also easy to make up while preparing the dish.

**You can find Thai sticky rice at Asian markets. Cook rice that has soaked in water overnight in a steamer for 20-25 minutes. We usually do 3 cups.


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